Colloquium: Dr. Chris Hoklotubbe

Thursday, October 19, 2023
Dr. Chris Hoklotubbe from Cornell College will be visiting the Department of Classics to deliver a colloquium presentation on November 2nd at 5:00 pm in Van Allen Hall's Lecture Room 2.

Four CLAS faculty honored with new named professorships in classics

All four professors come from varying backgrounds and areas of expertise, promoting a unique interdisciplinary approach to the prestigious appointments in the classics.

CLAS professor receives NEH fellowship for his dedication to the research of ancient manuscripts

Paul Dilley, associate professor of ancient Mediterranean religions at the University of Iowa, was named a 2023 National Endowment for the Humanities fellow.

CLAS students explore art, history, and architecture in Greece

Students enrolled in the course City of Athens: Bronze Age of Greece spent the spring semester intensively studying ancient Greece with Professor Deb Trusty. Their reward? Visiting Greece.
picture of University of Iowa faculty award medallions

Classics Department Impresses at CLAS Faculty Awards

Friday, September 22, 2023
5 Classics professors were recognized at the University of Iowa's 2023 CLAS Faculty Awards: Sarah Bond, Robert Cargill, Paul Dilley, Brenda Longfellow, and Deb Trusty.

Ancient Exchanges Publishes "Threads"

Monday, August 7, 2023
Ancient Exchanges, an online journal devoted to literary translations of ancient texts, has published their sixth issue, "Threads." "What is the difference between a text and a textile? Originating in the same Latin root meaning “weave,” the two words in English bear a canny resemblance. As material phenomena, their similarities abound: both are woven into being from disparate threads, resulting in a product that is more than the sum of their parts, bearing visual and tactile significance."                 from "Letter from the Editors"

Ancient Exchanges Translation Journal holds lively panel at the Society for Classical Studies Conference

Coinciding with the release of their latest issue, Ancient Exchanges editors Adrienne Rose, Laura Moser, and Echo Smith represented the journal at the annual Society for Classical Studies conference hosted in New Orleans in January, where they organized a panel called "Making Space for Translation" devoted to the vital role translation plays in Classical Studies pedagogy, scholarship, and publication. Presentations on the manifold "spaces" in which translation lives (from the metrical and miniscule to indigenous and interdisciplinary) were followed by a lively discussion with participation from both in-person and Zoom audiences.

Robert Cargill Speaks with Iowa Legislators During a Campus Visit

A delegation of Iowa legislators, staffers, and state officials visited the University of Iowa campus for an immersive experience with researchers who study aggressive cancer, manufacture pharmaceuticals, test new aircraft systems, and delve into biblical studies. Dr. Robert Cargill, associate professor of Classics, spoke with legislators about his digital and public scholarship.

Jonathan Reeder to Present the Fall Lecture of The John Martin Rare Book Room Presents Series

On October 18, Jonathan Reeder will present the fall lecture of The John Martin Rare Book Room Presents series. His talk, entitled, "Mental Health and the Weight of the Past: How Early Modern Physicians Read Greek Psychology," will tell the story of how some authors of the JMRBR collection grappled with the authority of the past against the backdrop of an area of medicine which is of great concern in our own time. The lecture will be at 5:30pm in 401 Hardin Library.

Robert Cargill featured in profile in Iowa Magazine entitled, “Iowa Archaeologist and Bible Expert Robert Cargill Digs for Meaning”

Robert Cargill was featured in the September issue of Iowa Magazine in an article written by Brittany Borghi. "He might be a renowned archaeologist who appears frequently on TV as an expert on everything from ancient Jerusalem to Ancient Aliens, but University of Iowa biblical studies professor Robert Cargill connects most with his students who have unanswered questions. His mission at Iowa is to show everyone—and he means everyone—that they have the capacity for scholarship and critical thought."