Recent Doctoral Dissertations in Classics
Year Last First Dissertation Title Advisor(s) Placement
2022 Hales-Brittain Sara The Visual, The Verbal, and The Moral: Ekphrasis of Beauty in the Ancient Greek Novels Gibson Managing Editor, J&J Editorial
2021 Elliott Kenneth Rewards for Violence: praemia in Roman Declamation Gibson  
2020 Spyridakos Dana Technical Medicine in Greek and Roman Novels Berrey  
2019 Espinosa Vanessa Men Between Worlds: Aelius Aristides, Apuleius, Augustine, and Interdisciplinary Literature in the Second Sophistic Finamore Adjunct Professor, Loras College
2019 Morley Robert Imagining wealth and poverty in the fictional works of Petronius and Apuleius Gibson Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
2018 Marley Caitlin Sentiments, networks, literary biography: towards a mesoanalysis of Cicero's Corpus Dilley Lecturer, Bowling Green State University
2018 Swist Jeremy A principio reges: the reception of the seven kings of Rome in imperial historiography from Tiberius to Theodosius Bond Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University in Ohio
2017 Fyotek Tyler Deathics: Homeric Ethics as Thanatology Dilley Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
2017 Jones Jacqueline At the Cliff's Edge: Studies in the Single Heroides Ketterer Lecturer, Baylor University
2017 Horrell Matthew Epic Hyperbole in Homer Ketterer Latin and Greek Teacher, Baton Rouge High School
2016 Overholt Michael The Practice of ἌΣΚΗΣΙΣ in Galen’s Avoiding Distress Finamore Instructional Technologist and Adjunct Instructor, College of Charleston
2015 Burns Aaron Diatribe and Plutarch’s Practical Ethics Finamore IT Support Specialist, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2015 Rose Thomas A Historical Commentary on Plutarch’s Life of Demetrius Finamore Assistant Professor, Randolph-Macon College
2014 Price Sharada on Lucian's Dialogues of the Courtesans Gibson Latin Teacher, Casady School (Oklahoma City, OK)
2013 Samson Lindsay The Philosophy of Desire in Theocritus' Idylls Depew  
2013 Langseth Joshua Knowing God:  A Study of the Argument of Numenius of Apameia's On the Good Finamore Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Iowa; Adjunct Instructor, Coe College
2013 Koenig Charlou Commentary on Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Roman Antiquities, Book 2 Gibson  
2012 Preus Christian The Art of Aeschines: Anti-Rhetorical Argumentation in the Speeches of Aeschines Gibson Entered Concordia Theological Seminary
2010 Thorne Mark Lucan's Cato: The Defeat of Victory and the Triumph of Memory Green Visiting Assistant Professor, Luther College
2009 Gruber Gwendolyn M. Medium and Message in Lucretius' "honey" analogy Finamore Latin Teacher, Aristoi Classical Academy (Katy, TX)
2008 Gruber Heather Waddell The women of Greek declamation and the Reception of Comic Stereotypes Gibson Assistant Professor Concordia College
2007 Aho Lara K. Theocritus' graces (Idyll 16): Text and translation with introduction and commentary Depew  
2006 Simmons Robert Holschuh Reflections of a Crisis of Athenian Leadership in Euripides' Last Plays Ketterer Associate Professor, Monmouth College
2005 Skinner Pamela The Cartulary of Clairmarais, A Monastery of Cistercian Nuns at Reims, France c. 1220-1460:  Edition and Commentary Green Latin Teacher, Clayton High School (Clayton, Missouri)
2004 Montgomery Paul Andrew The limits of identity in Sallust’s Bellum Iugurthinum Green Associate Professor, Samford University
2004 Scheck Thomas The Reception of Origen's Exegesis of Romans in the Latin West   Associate Professor of Theology, Ave Maria College
2003 Noe David Oikeiosis, Ratio, and Natura:  The Stoic Challenge to Cicero's Academism in De Finibus and Natura Deorum Finamore Associate Professor, Calvin University
2002 Huskey Samuel Ovid's Tristia I and III: An intertextual Katabasis Dettmer Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma
2001 Lake Keeley K. Virgil's Dreams and their Literary Predecessors Ketterer  
2000 Svetoslava Slaveva Ennead VI.6:  The Concept of Multiplicity as Number in Plotinus' Universal Hierarch Finamore Associate Professor, Florida State University