Honors in the Classics Major Contract

Students have the opportunity to graduate with honors in the major in Classical Languages or Ancient Civilization, regardless of or in combination with their standing with the Honors Program. Honors in the major is separate from the Honors Program. Honors in the major students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.33 in their first three years of Classics courses. Additionally, a minimum UI cumulative GPA of 3.33 at the start of the first semester of the honors-in-the-major program and at the time of graduation is required. They must complete two consecutive courses in honors reading with a Classics faculty member, earning 3 sh of credit for each course. Honors work may be done in a student’s fourth year, or spring of the third year and fall of the fourth year. The readings and discussions must be on an ancient author or a field in ancient history, literature, or archaeology chosen by the student and the instructor. At the end of the second semester, the student will present a substantial research project, which is evaluated for honors by two members of the department.

University of Iowa Honors Program

In addition to honors in the major, students may pursue honors study and activities through membership in the University of Iowa Honors Program. University honors students must maintain a 3.33 GPA., complete 12 sh of coursework designated as honors courses, and complete 12 sh of an experiential learning project. Visit Honors at Iowa to learn about the University's honors program.

NOTE: Membership in the UI Honors Program is not required to earn honors in the classics major.