Adrienne K. Ho Rose, Ph.D.


Adrienne K. Ho Rose is an interdisciplinary scholar, translator, and writer. Her academic work focuses primarily on Latin, Greek, and Classical Chinese languages and literatures with special emphasis on the poetics of retranslation, experimental, intersemiotic, multimodal translation practices, east-west cross-cultural literary studies, translation and humanitarian crises, and world literatures. She is also interested in book arts and the intersections of material culture and reading. From time to time, she writes a column on translation, poetry, and Classics for the Society for Classical Studies’ blog:

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  • TRNS:2000 - Translation and Global Society
  • TRNS:3179 - Undergraduate Translation Workshop
  • CL:1240/1241 - Major Texts in World Literature I-II
  • CL/TRNS:4800 - Seminar in Comparative Literature
  • CHIN:4203 - Modern Chinese Writers
  • CLSA:3742 - Word Power
  • CLSA:2016 - Classical Mythology
  • CLSA:1840 - Roman Civilization
  • CLSA:1805 - Legends and Heroes of Ancient Rome
  • CLSL:1001/1002; 2001/2002 - Elementary Latin I-IV
Academic Background
  • Ph.D., University of Iowa, Comparative Literature
  • M.F.A., University of Iowa, Literary Translation
  • Graduate Certificate, University of Iowa Center for the Book
  • Certificate in the Project on the Rhetorics of Inquiry
  • B.A., Classics, Concordia University, Montreal
  • B.A., English/Creative Writing, Concordia University, Montreal
Adrienne Rose
Ph.D., University of Iowa

520 Jefferson Building (JB)
521 Phillips Hall (PH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States